Project Description
This Windows Live Writer Plugin is for users who use WLW and wish to use their CueCat to scan books. ItemLookups are run against's AWS web service and book image, title, author, and publisher is returned within your blog post.

This project was first created by Scott Hanselman on MSDN's Coding4Fun!

Getting started:

  1. Visit Scott Hanselman's blog post on using CueCat with .NET 
  2. Visit my blog for changes I made to the code.

Getting started with the code:

  1. Download the code to a folder on your machine.
  2. Launch Visual Studio 2010 and select the solution file.
  3. Set the AmazonLiveWriterPlugin project as your default start-up project.
  4. Right-click the AmazonLiveWriterPlugin, go to Properties, then Debug tab, and select "Start external program" and ensure the path of your Windows Live Writer is select.   For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Live\Writer\WindowsLiveWriter.exe
  5. Hit Run from Visual Studio and as long as Windows Live Writer is not currenlty running, the Build Events will automatically copy your updated .DLL files to the spececified deployment folder and start Windows Live Writer in debug mode.



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